The Biggest Little Farm/Cancelled

Sunshine Coast Film Society

U.S. 2018, 91 min., doc
Director: John Chester

Sunshine Coast farmers, gardeners, and sustainable agriculture advocates, take heed. This inspirational film follows the eight-year journey of a young California couple as they pursue their dream of establishing a completely sustainable farm, reclaiming arid land, without the use of any non-natural interventions.

Filled with illuminating insights into the interdependence of ecological communities and with breathtaking cinematography, including impressive slow-motion shots of birds and insects, this documentary provides an uplifting message that sets it apart from present-day environmental gloom. A captivating, personal journey, with a concern for harmony and a gentle sense of humour, the film is heartening, delightful, relaxing, and will warm your insides. You’ll also remember the pig.

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